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07/19/2004: "tied to the 80s."

Saw the latest incarnation of Psychic TV (with Michael Gira opening) a few weeks ago. I'd been meaning to write something about it. I will say that half my reason for going was my morbid fascination with Genesis P's morbid fascination with him/herself's morbid fascination with...

Anyway, here's a rough outline of what I was thinking.

Thought #1: "Man, I wish this was Throbbing Gristle (with Swans opening.) Why was I a kid in the 80s?"
Thought #2: "Michael Gira has one great outfit that he keeps recycling, doesn't he? That brown suit and cowboy hat that he wore on the cover of the Wire...whoa, cool cowboy boots..."
Thought #3: "This is not very impressive."
Thought #4: It does, however, remind me of what John D. was saying about the acoustic guitar being a very violent thing..."
Thought #5: "Taking Sides: Michael Gira's teeth vs. Genesis P-Orridge's teeth"
Thought #6: "Genesis P is baring his ample bosom and wearing a red pleather miniskirt, fishnets, and high-heeled boots. I wish he'd leave a bit to the imagination...he looks like a cheap whore."
Thought #7: "haha NICE LEGS though!!"
Thought #7.5: "No one ever really says 'gams' anymore, do they?"
Thought #8: "When Gen smiles--all gold-capped teeth--it's the most grotesque thing ever. But somehow it's also strangely...alluring?"
Thought #9: "Taking Sides: Disposable, Interchangeable Psychic TV backing band vs Disposable, Interchangeable Fall backing band"
Thought #10: "Man, this sucks."

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Xenical said @ 10/25/2004 12:44 AM EST

Saw The Swans in a tiny club in South Wales, UK, in the small that it was full with, like, 40 people in there, and so, so loud. Low ceiling: dust and plaster falling from above, jarred loose by micro- (and macro-)sonics. Nasty loud; uncomfortably loud. Didn't like them that much.
Ah, but The Fall...seen 'em more times than is good for anyone's sanity...following The Fall is like following a nightmarish soap opera or a football team...Disposable line-up: Hmm, yeah, it lets Smith periodically renew/refresh/shift emphasis...but the best incarnations are (paradoxically) the ones with 1-2 year's stability: they learn to stretch the songs until they break apart and reform. I saw the last lot in Apr 2003 and they sounded like a really tight Fall Tribute December, they were astonishing: cooking on 10 (The Anti-Can...!) Feb 2004, they were a shambling pub-band with flashes of genius: erratic, yet the spring they had imploded and recombined... shedding and gaining members to arise Phoenix-like from the ashes. Never a dull moment, eh?

kek-w said @ 08/01/2004 04:34 PM EST

Thought #9: "Taking Sides: Disposable, Interchangeable Psychic TV backing band vs Disposable, Interchangeable Fall backing band"

I haven't seen PTV since '86 butter the Fall's recent tour found them with a crack staff of ringers whose anonymity seemed somehow the point! This impression was aided by Smith's being behind his desk, which imo was totally awesome.

J0hn Darn1elle said @ 07/23/2004 09:15 AM EST

I once saw M. Gira in a red shirt (vs. his regular white one), but never w/out the cowboy noir ensemble. I think he removed the jacket, once.
obsessive SM drama goes a long way, but generally I prefer solo Jarboe.

crystal rims said @ 07/21/2004 12:51 PM EST

When I saw Gira I was thinking about how the act of just hitting the strings hard -- or just doing that for much of the time -- will take you.

He can remember the music but needs a piece of paper to recite the lyrics. I enjoyed it lots.

Julio said @ 07/21/2004 08:46 AM EST

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