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06/15/2004: "chew."

"At the Molecular Gastronomy Research Centre in Bristol, research is being conducted into the sounds of food, how the sound of a particular food can influence its taste. Dr John Prinz has studied the way in which the sound of mastication enhances the perception of texture. Chewing sounds such as a crunch provoke immediate delicate adjustments of tooth and jaw action. Chef Heston Blumenthal was given a demonstration by Dr Prinz: 'He gave me a set of headphones and a piece of chewing gum, and then asked me to chew so that my jaw closed in time with the recorded crunching noise coming through the headphones. Something really bizarre happened: the noise triggered a signal in my brain, which in turn stopped my jaw from closing, almost as if I had lost the full use of my jaw."

--Haunted Weather, p. 45

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oh, when I told Paul McCartney to chew vegetables into the mic they said I was MAD! Well WHO'S MAD NOW?!!??!?!

Brian Wilson said @ 06/15/2004 01:48 PM EST

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