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02/09/2004: "saturday night."

playing around with low shutter speeds. loved the lights.

hey look he's jumping out of his skin! (again, can't resist those low shutter speeds)

computer graphix on the walls. hopefully i'm gonna start doing some large-scale video work again -- but i want to do sampled video and film on flat white walls, sans screens sans graphics (though i loved this one)

the bathroom wall, baby-wipes for hands

very low-light low-resolution image of the wall of the jungalistic 'dangerbass room' where i spent hours dancing. if you can squint you can kinda see the room. wonderful scent in that room -- wish i had smellovision!

more stuff on the way. (all of these pix are unedited -- just some rudimentary cropping. if you've got a mac with photoshop you know where to find me hint!!)

good pals andy and simon weigh in with their great accounts on what saturday was like -- go read! my own take coming soon (when i'm not under deadline pressure like i am right now eek.)

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