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12/05/2003: "tapping feet to formless sound"

The world doesn't need more Fall albums, and neither does my record collection (they're probably my favorite band of all time, and I'm such a sap for reissues), but 'Live at the Witch Trials' and 'Dragnet' are being reissued from the original master tapes with extra tracks and I'm pretty psyched, even though I already own both albums (like I said, I'm a sap.) Some of the stuff being pulled out of the vaults I could do without (FIVE different takes of 'Rowche Rumble'?!) but I'm so so psyched to see the inclusion of 'Dresden Dolls' -- the only song Una Baines, The Fall's original keyboardist, wrote and recorded with them before her year-long descent into madness. It's one of their most mysterious and haunting songs, before The Fall became the Mark E Smith Show, infused with a strange woman-ness more wonderful and frightening than the eras of Kay or Brix...

Dresden Dolls are back in style
With a clockwork walk and a backward smile
Dresden Dolls don't hear a sound
They're programmed to jump up and down,
Up and down, (round, round)
Tapping feet to formless sound...

(Una Baines, 1977)

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hydrocodone said @ 09/18/2004 12:01 AM EST

I just realized I do have Dresden Dolls! It's on the "Live 77" CD. It's easily the worst sounding live album I own but it has them doing "Louie Louie" and "Hey! Fascist."

Anthony Miccio said @ 12/06/2003 03:00 PM EST

Is there any other place you can get "Dresden Dolls"? I really don't know if I can dignify owning five more versions of "Rowche Rumble."

Marshall Suite and Unutterable do indeed have their moments though I haven't bought anything since though (Missing Winner is superexpensive here).

Anthony Miccio said @ 12/05/2003 05:55 PM EST

Actually they've had a bunch of amazing albums lately...after "the marshall suite" was "the unutterable" (2000) which some said was a "comeback" because grant showbiz returned from the '80s to produce has its moments. and after that was "are you are missing winner" (2001) which is demo-quality blunt and slapdash, not really in a good way. very garage and odd. then came a live album with three new studio tracks, one of which, "i wake up in the city," is as ear-shatteringly punk as they've ever sounded. the new CD is called "the real new fall album (formerly 'country on the click')." Great stuff, all.

Liz said @ 12/05/2003 09:18 AM EST

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