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11/23/2003: "off i go!"

Ooh even more jealous that I can't make it to the M. Mayer shindig at APT on Tuesday. Finally got to hear that Fabric mix and it's so nice! I recognized several of the tracks on it from other places (ha fear my trainspottin' abilities) Really loving the awesome sticky stutter of 'Run into Flowers' which I'd never heard before. It's not the most upbeat mix though, is it? I mean I find some of this music to be really pathos-drenched -- some of these guys certainly don't shy away from the minor keys. So much emotion! So cinematic! Germany is like a black and white movie in the wintertime. I can't wait to go back there again.

Ha when I first heard Archigram's epic track 'Carnival' sometime last year, I thought it was a really sad song! A really sad French carnival. With sad clowns.

I'm going to the UK tomorrow, so blog updates for the next week will be less frequent. But expect lots of photos! On my heavily medicated flight over the Atlantic (flying is much easier with Klonopin, I must say) I have the following packed in my bag to listen to (thanks guys!): the aforementioned Fabric mix, 'Superlongevity 3', Tobias Thomas' 'Smallville', that Matthew Dear album...and the Stones. Ha.

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