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10/20/2003: "pulsewidth-modulation sine triangle sawtooth square"

I took my Ensoniq ESQ-1 (old-skool! waveforms are digital, but the filters and envelopes are analog. 3 independent oscillators per voice...ok I'll stop now) out of storage today and started screwing around with it, programming cheesy sequences. God I luv synthesizers so much. I really miss the feeling of making music. Synths are fantastic, most rock instrument ever invented. I tried to teach my 6-year-old nephew to play keys but he's not down; he went straight back to his game of Sonic the Hedgehog. But synths are like video games! Really! When I was small I loved playing piano cuz I could express complicated feelings I couldn't express in words on it, and even now I feel crippled without a piano though I'm sure I'd be awful at it now if I tried to play. I know this because, in a masochistic experiment, I dug out the sheet music for an old Rachmaninoff prelude that I used to rock and now I could barely play it at all. I looked with disgust at my hands, so out of practice they tripped over keys, clumsily and slowly pounding out chords I could've aced age 15. Which is why I make sequences now. Can't play the whole thing? No prob, I'll play each part individually and overlay 'em on top of each other. Sounds more interesting that way anyhow and leads me to think about music differently and more spontaneously than the high-theory way I was trained. Like a miraculous mash of whirring, clicking, interlocking parts each beautiful in their own right, rather than some grand holy whole to aspire to. Noize!

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geeta! further to yr matos 'haha' in a review comment - here, 6th para:

coz / david said @ 10/20/2003 07:26 AM EST

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