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Favorite quotes from things I’ve read or seen this week:

William Gibson on Second Life: “I think it only works if you’re hooked up socially. Otherwise it’s like walking around outside a shopping mall in Edmonton, Alberta, at 4 in the morning in December.” (from Salon, interviewed by Dennis Lim)

And, in one of the most meta things I’ve seen recently, here’s a live-action rendition/parody of Second Life, from Youtube.

Just took a look a few days ago at Marooned–an anthology that just came out, which contains a piece by me on Alice Coltrane. No idea why the last two grafs of my piece are italicized–I certainly didn’t do that and I was kind of mortified–but hope you enjoy the piece anyhow. Just imagine that the last two grafs are un-italicized in your head. It takes some mental typographic rearranging.

Books I’ve read over the past week, while I’ve been sick:

Audio-Vision: Sound on Screen by Michel Chion
Dream: Re-Imagining Progressive Politics in an Age of Fantasy by Stephen Duncombe
The Wealth of Networks by Yochai Benkler
The Auditory Culture Reader

Woebot with a great post on Todd Terry. One of the records that I always revisit when I’m going through tumultuous times (times such as these) (the record was found, of course, in a 99-cent bin in Brooklyn) is “The Circus/Weekend” [Fresh, 1989]. Probably because Todd Terry’s stuff sounds so tumultuous. Sometimes the modern ‘minimal’ sounds can feel like so many flecks of misty rain; this stuff hits you like water blasting from a fire hydrant. Powerfully refreshing. A psychedelic jumble of ideas, strikingly intuitive and non-intuitive at the same time.