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Geeta Dayal is a prolific arts journalist and critic, specializing in writing on music, culture, and technology. She has contributed hundreds of articles and reviews to major publications, including The Boston Globe, Slate, The Guardian, Wired, Frieze, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, The Wire, and many more. Her critically acclaimed book on Brian Eno, Another Green World, was published in 2009 as part of Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series of music books. Her essays appear in several anthologies, including Epiphanies: Life Changing Encounters with Music (Strange Attractor, 2015), The New Grove Dictionary of Music (Oxford, 2014), Loops (Faber, 2009), The Resistible Demise of Michael Jackson (Zer0, 2009), The Pitchfork 500 (Simon & Schuster, 2008) and Marooned (Da Capo, 2007). She has lectured widely at major universities and museums worldwide, and has taught courses at UC Berkeley, Fordham University, and SUNY. She holds two undergraduate degrees from M.I.T. (2001) and a master’s degree from Columbia (2003). She is a recipient of a major grant from Creative Capital/The Andy Warhol Foundation in the Arts Writers Program.

She has lived, at various points, in New York City, San Francisco, Berlin, and Boston. She currently lives in San Francisco, and co-curates the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival. To get in contact, click here.