New feeling.

Another new piece by me: A review of Rob Young’s book Electric Eden, for Bookforum.

The Big Exciting Thing I’m working on right now, which is occupying most of my time, is the proposal for my second book. Making lots of progress, and feeling inspired, which is always good. The proposal is 50 pages long, and extensively researched; it’s like writing a mini-book. I’m being purposefully vague about the subject matter right now except to say that it deals with music, and with art; more on this soon, once the book sells to a publisher.

More stuff coming out: I wrote a big review of the wonderful Stan VanDerBeek retrospective at the List Visual Arts Center for the summer issue of Frieze, which will be out soon. I’m also working on a big review of the Angus MacLise exhibition in New York, also for Frieze. Some things for The Wire and Rhizome are in the works as well. And other interesting things, too, including a big website I’m building, dealing with art and maps.

Over the past eight weeks, I’ve been in New York City, San Francisco (twice), Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and Ireland (Dublin, Belfast, and Galway, among other places). In Boston now, and it’s nice to be back.

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