A review I wrote for Frieze on Carsten Nicolai’s recent Moiré exhibition in New York.

If you’re in the Boston area, I’ll be doing a talk at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum on July 25th, with the sound artist Halsey Burgund. From the DeCordova’s website:

PLATFORM Discussion Series
2 pm, FREE with admission

A PLATFORM-exclusive event—join artist Halsey Burgund and Geeta Dayal, music and arts critic and author of the recent book on Brian Eno, Another Green World, as they engage in a conversation about some of the larger issues in Burgund’s interactive sound piece, Scapes. Topics will include the role of sound and technology in art, issues in alternative music, and the way Burgund’s installation engages with these ideas.

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  1. Martin A.

    Hey Geeta I enjoy your writing, I’ve loved ambient music since college when I was first exposed to Hearts of Space on NPR, getting more into Eno through Pandora of all things (I must read your book!), I really like Robert Rich, Lull, and more “spacey” type ambient – when ambient is bad (i.e. “New Age”) it is REALLY bad. What are some other ambient/soundscape artists that you are into that I should check out?




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