I haven’t been at home much these days. I’m not as much of a world traveler as my good friend and housemate Amanda Palmer — she got back from Africa on Friday night and flew out to Vancouver this morning to start the North American leg of her tour — but I’ve been on the road pretty much nonstop for months, and it’s a trend that’s going to continue.

Here’s the rundown:

May 29 – June 1: The 10th anniversary of DEMF in Detroit. I’ll be covering it for The Wire.

June 2: I’ll be doing a reading at Joe’s Pub in New York City as part of the inimitable Happy Ending Reading Series.

June 3 – 7: In Montreal for MUTEK. I’ll be writing about it for Rhizome.

June 8 – 9: Back in New York.

June 9 – 11: Boston.

June 11 – 13: In San Francisco for City Centered, a festival of locative art and media.

June 16 – 19: In Los Angeles, to speak on a panel at the Scion Music Conference.

June 19 – July 25: Boston with some New York mixed in.

July 25th: I’ll be at the DeCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, for a talk with the sound artist Halsey Burgund.

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