I have an old Nikon camera from the 1960s. When I got it, it still had a roll of very old color film loaded in it. There were still a few exposures left on the roll. My friend Matt snapped some photos in my apartment with the camera recently, using that film, and developed the film. We had no idea if the photos would actually come out. They did, and I love the way the photos look. There’s an aged, dusty look to them, a strange warmth. It helps, too, that my apartment is nearly 200 years old.

Thelonious Monk spinning on my record player.

Two of my favorite things: single malt scotch and a deck of Oblique Strategies cards.

That’s the Speak and Spell that I used as a child. Now hanging on my brick wall. (It still works! Sometimes I plug it into my mixer and make music with it.)

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  1. AVR

    But Geeta, WHAT WERE THE OTHER PICTURES ON THE ROLL!??!??? 1960s Hippie parties? Jam sessions? Just a bunch of random family photos???



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