A big interview I did with David Toop, one of my favorite writers, at Rhizome, in which we talk about sound, painting, and silence for about 3,000 words. (The full interview I did was about 8,000 words; it took me a long time to cut it down. I’ll have to post the whole thing at some point–it was a really fascinating conversation.)

I’ve just returned from a whirlwind two weeks of travel on the West Coast. I flew to Seattle and spoke at the EMP Pop Conference; then I went to Los Angeles for a few days to speak at CalArts, before winding my way up the coast to San Francisco, where I used to live. I’ve been gone from home long enough to catch a cold, get better, and then catch a cold again. Sleep, on a proper bed, seems to be a good cure. After a surreal overnight flight last night, I collapsed into bed with my leather jacket still on, Phill Niblock drones playing on my laptop.

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  1. greyhoos

    I’m very much looking forward to Toop’s book, since he’s one of my favorite writers as well. And I’m very curious to read the LP version of the interview. I wrote my Masters thesis on Reinhardt’s “black” paintings some years ago, so I found Toop’s discussion of Reinhardt and monochromatic painting (and all the aesthetic slippage & paradoxes they present) really intriguing.


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