The Wire on Another Green World

While browsing through magazines at the gift shop in the Palais de Tokyo in Paris a few weeks ago, I came across this very nice review of my book in the February issue of the Wire. It felt surreal and wonderful to read a review of my book in a magazine, from halfway across the world.

3 thoughts on “The Wire on Another Green World

  1. ian

    I hope you didn’t read the letter in this month’s WIRE. It was rather mean! I enjoyed your book, it put me in the mind of what Eno reportedly said to Eric Tamm about this book – something along the lines of “you seem to have taken all the clever things I’ve said and put them in one place”.

  2. Blake

    This article is great. The author mirrors some of my own frustrations, such as “the only problem with this book is that it’s too short.” I just happened to be listening to “Evening Star” for the first time as I read this article. Got it from the library today. Along with a host of other obscure Eno works. I don’t think my interest in Eno would be nearly as deep were it not for you and this book. I remember back at MIT telling friends about Music For Airports and explaining, “yeah, Eno’s this guy who was like a rock star and then got into a car accident and invented ambient music!”


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