“Art and Science are two different streams which rise from the same creative source and flow into the same ocean of the common culture, but the currents of these two streams flow in different beds. Science teaches, Art asserts; Science persuades, Art acts; Science explores and apprehends, informs and proves. It does not undertake anything without first being in accord with the laws of Nature. Science cannot deal otherwise because its task is knowledge. Knowledge is bound up with things which are, and things which are, are heterogeneous, changeable, and contradictory. Therefore the way to the ultimate truth is so long and difficult for Science.

The force of Science lies in its authoritative reason. The force of Art lies in its immediate influence on human psychology and in its active contagiousness . . . The stimulus of Science is the deficiency of our knowledge. The stimulus of art is the abundance of our emotions and our latent desires . . . Nothing is unreal in Art. Whatever is touched by Art becomes reality, and we do not need to undertake remote and distant navigations into the subconscious in order to reveal a world which lies in our immediate vicinity. We feel its pulse continually beating in our wrists.”

-Naum Gabo, The Constructive Idea in Art, 1937

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