New work.

On the monorail, heading to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles.
My book on Brian Eno’s Another Green World is being shipped to bookstores right now, and I’m told that copies should be at your friendly neighborhood bookstore next week. Amazon will also have copies ready to ship next week, so if you’ve pre-ordered the book already, you’ll be getting it in the mail very soon.

I wrote a piece on my top ten Brian Eno album covers for Print, the graphic design magazine. On a related note, here’s a piece I did for Print a few years ago about David Byrne. (He was a lovely guy to talk to. Music hardly figured into our sprawling two-hour conversation — it was all about different kinds of pencils, relative thicknesses of paper, the aesthetic importance of eraser smudges, neurobiology, and tree branches. I’m fired up to read his new book on long bicycle trips.)

What else has been happening?  I went skydiving for the first time, jumping out of a small plane in rural Massachusetts with some of my Boston neighbors. The feeling of freefall is not unlike the transporting experience of listening to great music, I found. I went to Los Angeles for a week, managing to put my formerly intense loathing of LA aside. I gave in to the weird, wild city, finding myself incredibly impressed with the range of contemporary art galleries and museums. I saw a few great shows in Boston — Dirty Three at the ICA, and Yo La Tengo in a downtown Boston theatre. And I just came back from a week-long trip back to New York City.  Highlights: The expansive Genesis P-Orridge retrospective, 30 Years of Being Cut Up, at Invisible-Exports on the Lower East Side; a performance by Krautrock legends Faust in Williamsburg; a sublime Dixon gig in a warehouse in Bushwick; lunches, dinners, and drinks with old friends (Simon Reynolds, Douglas Wolk, Paul Kennedy, Lauren Klein); nature walks down the High Line; the dizzying survey of contemporary Dutch art at White Box Gallery. I’m heading back to New York City for two more weeks at the end of this month for the 2009 NEA Arts Journalism Institute in Classical Music and Opera. On the horizon: Lots of trips to Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Avery Fisher Hall by night…and lots of intensive training in classical music by day.  Master classes with Alex Ross, Anne Midgette, Greg Sandow, Justin Davidson, and lots of other critics I admire. I’m looking forward to it.

Some new pieces by me that’ll be out soon: an essay on cybernetics and art for Rhizome; a feature on the shadowy German ambient musician Gas for a new British music magazine; and an essay by me on Bollywood cinema and Michael Jackson for a new anthology edited by Mark “K-Punk” Fisher.

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