Some new stuff.

A Mathew Jonson interview by me in Resident Advisor.  (Yes, the artwork is totally goofy. No, I did not choose it.)

And there are some pieces by me in the new book The Pitchfork 500, published by Simon & Schuster.

And today is my birthday: I’m now 29 years old. Hanging on to my twenties by a mere thread, but strangely looking forward to my thirties. I went to Vancouver for a few days last weekend to celebrate; it was cold, overcast, and raining the entire time. I spent a day walking through Stanley Park in ill-fitting silver shoes.  Lots of moss-covered trees with crimson-colored leaves, and rocks.  I’m a big fan of moss. In Maine, where I was a few weeks ago, I saw lots of moss-covered rocks in blue, blue water.

6 thoughts on “Some new stuff.

  1. Sam

    Yeah, November is probably the worst time to visit Vancouver. I swear it’s really beautiful here in the summer, when you can actually see the mountains.

    Moss is cool, though. I actually once put out a CD called Moss, which seems like a terribly Vancouver thing to do. Probably should have called it Mildew though.


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