Late one night when I was working, I started making a list of alternate 33 1/3 books I’d write if I wasn’t doing this Eno one:

Maurizio – M7
Drexciya – Bubble Metropolis
Ennio Morricone – Soundtrack to Vergogna Schifosi (1968)

Huge sellers, all. Get on these, people!

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  1. Martyn Mitchell

    Hi Geeta,I tried to contact you by e-mail last week,think it may be down to my technical incompetance!I sent you some material on Eno which I hope was of use to you-glad your book will not be too technically obsessive on the AGW sessions,hope it will be impressionalistically surreal ! Glad to see you are into the Harmonia/Cluster axis,have you got Tracks and Traces Harmonia 76?The missing link between AGW AND low ? Regards,martyn Mitchell uk


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