I haven’t been listening to much rock these days; any desire to listen to rock is entirely satiated by the occasional game of Guitar Hero. It’s the first video game I’ve been really fascinated by in about fifteen years. A game so bananas it spawned its own academic conference. I usually play on “Medium” level to avoid loud boos from my fictional graphical audience; I recently tried to play “Smoke on the Water” on Expert level with catastrophic results. I was thinking someone should come up with a video game called “Ambient Electronic Music Hero,” but I’m trying to figure out a way in which that game would not be intensely boring. “Free Jazz Hero” might be good, I was thinking.

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  1. Vasudevan

    Hi Geeta,

    I have been a regular reader of your blog. Just wanted to know if you have a RSS feed for your blog. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. ian86400

    RE: video game called "Ambient Electronic Music Hero" This would be so cool!

    ‘Sim Eno’

    Waiting really patiently listening to tape loops, occasionally altering an EQ setting.

  3. Beat

    "Ambient Electronic Music Hero", that made me laugh.

    Perhaps "DJ Hero" would be more appropriate; almost like a substitute for those poor sods who can’t afford hardware.

    Pitches must be aligned correctly, and hitting the effects button at the right time gives you bonus points.

    Doesn’t sound like much fun to me…

  4. nathalie

    My husband *forced* me to try Guitar Hero. As with a regular guitar, I just gave up after one (or two) tries. I’m just crap at doing the multiple buttons thing. 🙁 That said, there’s something extremely fun about it, I can tell, even though I don’t have the courage to master it. 🙁


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